Being Human

Rewatching this series right now, so good. Also saw cerigg recommend the nupastel brush from kyle t websters megapack so after doing a bunch of colour blocks the past couple of days I wanted to be a bit more sketchy with something.

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Chetna | GBBO

Baking Goddess

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Worm Monster | Unknown Gem

This gem I kind of suspect was a guardian of maybe the Hourglass room, or at least some underwater gem location. Cute octopus bubble armor.

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Gem Cave Creature | Unknown Gem

Kind of have a theory that there is a secret magical gem hidden in the earth that makes the earth habitable for gems, so the cave creature (Arcade Mania) was tunneling to find it. Thought it would make a cute porcupine/mole hybrid.

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Big Bird | Angel Aura Quartz

What better to guard the heaven beetle than an angel. My guess for the giant bird gem creature would be this. (when Opal fired her arrow there was a tiny glimpse of a bubbling, and the shards alluded to a gem cluster)

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Centipeedle | Unknown Gem

Confirmed by ianjq not to be Malachite. All the same still love the rock god look the centipeedle gem briefly had.

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Ice Golem | Nirvana Ice Quartz

I’ve heard speculation that the Ice Golem from Monster Buddies could be Nirvana Ice Quartz. Suspect he’s a lil mountain prince gem protecting the shooting star.

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Puffer-fish | Watermelon Tourmaline

I freaking loved this color palette. ianjq confirmed that the puffer-fish was watermelon tourmaline so I couldn’t resist doing a lil colour block of a few gems.

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Lil gem monster doodles. The centipeedle and the ice guardian. Kind of thinking that when the gems go on missions to recover gem items like the shooting star, they are fighting the guardian gem that originally watched over the items. So drew the ice guardian as a ice prince of the mountain. (going to get around to doodling all the gem monsters so far, looking forward to attempting the puffer fish)

(coloured versions here)

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I also tried to make an Illustration society shirt for uni society I’m part of, but definitely isn’t going to happen on a coloured shirt, needs to be a whitish shirt. (I don’t feel to bad about it not working as the shirt was only a cheap one from primark)

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Steven Universe Shirts

Went out and bought some t-shirt transfer paper so I could make some Steven Universe shirts. I am a massive dork.

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Gems choose to be the shape they are, so I assume there will be gems with wings and who can live underwater. We’ve already seen at least two gem locations based around water (the tower from cheeseburger and the hour glass room in steven and the stevens), so there must be gems who have chosen bodies more acustomed to different environments. Decided to design Larimar as an ocean rock god.

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Was thinking about how when gemkind was alive and healthy there would probably be gems designated to certain jobs. So wanted to draw a kind of gardener/landscaper gem. Gave her a trident as it felt like a pointy weapon trowel.

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Anime Boys

Went a bit generator crazy last weekend, it was just a nice relaxing exercise, slowly going through and adding some colour. (anime boy generator)

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Demon Generator

This demon is possessive. it has brown skin and bright opalescent eyes. Its hair is white and worn loosely. Its specialty is flying.

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