(possible entry for God-Zine-La)

This is getting printed in the zine!!!!!! You can preorder and check out all the other artists here!!!!!!

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Copic time wasting sketches
Spending the evening currently just being loosey goosey and sketching from my fashion tag. Been a while since I pointlessly doodled, feels so good!!

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Congratulations to everyone who managed to get into God-Zine-La!

And thank you to EVERYONE who entered. I had a lot of entries and choosing the final ones was very very. That’s why there are so many entries - I was completely expecting to have 30 pages TOPS. And now it’s 74 pages long. So please be aware that if you didn’t get in I was pushing it as it was and you are totally welcome to enter into the next zine!

Pre-order God-Zine-La here, set to go on sale at the end of April!

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Day 92 & 93 

Thursday was a group critique day, been somewhat stressing about it all week, but it went fine, now I just have to spend the entire easter break creating my final thing for hand in. Today was so relaxing, not having to worry about the critique any more, went to the ice cream parlour and found out they now sell belgian waffles. Was delicious!!!!!!

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Day 90 & 91
Spent Tuesday having a fun society field trip to the local bowling alley, ended up in a time warp where we somehow spent an entire hour in toys r us. Been itching to go to an arcade with friends for a while, was great!!!!! On Wednesday one of our lecturers gave our society a special water colour/human proportion lecture which was really nice of him.

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Day 88 & 89
Sunday was pretty similiar to saturday, working on trying to get project to a satisfactory place to show at a group critique later in the week. Monday I reached the bit in dragonball z where frieza turns into a skinny diva. The most vivid memory of watching DBZ as a kid was of the namek saga.

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Day 86 & 87
Haven’t posted pictures all week of my diary (been super busy). Last Friday I went swimming with my friend Yen, was really fun. Saturday I was feeling very glitchy and disconnected, a semi deadline looming, very scary.

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Day 84 & 85
Lil house in the mountains, totally used all the wrong colours, was really uncertain how to make it look foggy, should have used lots of blues. Finally finished watching the whole of Dragon Ball. And yesterday I went to the gym again and came home feeling like jelly.

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Day 82 & 83
Monday I went to the gym with Naomi for the first time, so an OOTD in streetfighter best of course. Tuesday was just a project day, finalised packaging design for my current uni project, deadline in a month.

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Mini print test of the presentation box I’m going to screen print for current uni project. It’s so cute and tiny!!!

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Going to the gym then getting my hair cut. Just printed off what I think will be the final wrapper design for my current uni project. Very excite. (I may have wrapped my draweveryday diary for a trial run.)

I did so much today. Here is a thing I am working on right now.

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Day 80 & 81
My mother knitted a bobble headed rabbit for my upcoming nephew that I asked her to do, and I gave it to my sister. And today I am experiencing XTREME ab pain!!!!!! I will warm up forever now.

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Day 78 & 79
Thursday Furby tiki totem, came across an official furby fansite from the 90s with some friends and experienced furby poetry, it shall haunt me until I die. On Friday I joined a gym and I’m going to get sooooo buff, I hope.

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Added some gouache to one of my screen prints from the other day. Planning to give it to my sister this weekend as a gift for her upcoming baby. I still have to design a mural before June for her, that again is going to be SPAACEY :D

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Day 76 & 77 
Yesterday I ate ice cream until I felt sick and today I battled crazy abstract shapes.

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