Gems choose to be the shape they are, so I assume there will be gems with wings and who can live underwater. We’ve already seen at least two gem locations based around water (the tower from cheeseburger and the hour glass room in steven and the stevens), so there must be gems who have chosen bodies more acustomed to different environments. Decided to design Larimar as an ocean rock god.

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Was thinking about how when gemkind was alive and healthy there would probably be gems designated to certain jobs. So wanted to draw a kind of gardener/landscaper gem. Gave her a trident as it felt like a pointy weapon trowel.

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Anime Boys

Went a bit generator crazy last weekend, it was just a nice relaxing exercise, slowly going through and adding some colour. (anime boy generator)

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Demon Generator

This demon is possessive. it has brown skin and bright opalescent eyes. Its hair is white and worn loosely. Its specialty is flying.

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Harpy Boy

Impatient Harpy Boy Who Wears Converse
Tried out this Monster girl/boy generator and sketched a bunch of little monsters

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Crystal Hunter?
Just scanning and colouring sketchbook doodles. I have no idea what’s happening here.

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Kyanite | Gemsona

Was browsing through different gemstones and wrote a list of ones I want to draw design for. Kyanite is a seer type gem, a permanent fusion between 2 other gems. They mostly float in a vision tower predicting the future and steering the planet away from serious harm.

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Lightning Spirit Girl

Lighning Spirit Girl who wears a Tropical Shirt
Tried out this Monster girl/boy generator and sketched a bunch of little monsters

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Rose Warrior

I just really wanted to draw something pretty. (my photoshop was being super lame and due to lag this took about 8 hours to finish). But yeah lil rose warrior guy, maybe a gemsona??? I do have a gemsona in the works which I’m designing.

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Was flicking through a reference folder I had and did a sketch session of Alexander McQueen dresses. (Inspy)

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Sword Art Online 2 | Kirito

I secretly watch generic anime kind of things sometimes…. I just really like rpg styled things.

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Lady Knight | Shark Warrior

A lady knight I drew using the lady knight generator. For this I got Whip, Tall, Serious, Roman, Shark. 

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Some rough coloured sketches from some space opera sketching I was doing.

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OMG!!!!!!! Im screaming and blushing and oh my god.Buff bird bae. I’m in sexy egyptian deity fanart omg.

hamishmash's new graphic novel Pantheon will be coming out soon so you should go check it out. It has sexy muscular egyptian gods.

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thank you!

everyone’s drawing my baby in all these pics and it’s so cute! thank you! (and flowers, my other love!)

this feels very retro, kind of like old 50s cartoons but very unique too

Kaiju Anime Boyfriend. (I drew hamishmash)

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